Why Children Have Ear Surgery

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Why Children Have Ear Surgery

Ear surgery has dual functions for young children. The first is to correct defects in the structure of the ear. These may be apparent at birth or during the first few years of growth. The other function is one of aesthetics. Many defects result in protruding ears, the edges of the ear appearing deformed, or the top folding over a bit, among other deformities.

Dealing with the Defect

Correcting the defect as soon as possible avoids any further damage. It also prevents delays in language, speech, and social development. This alone is reason enough for the surgery. Many parents; however, decide to subject young children to surgery even if there is no defect.


Children at daycare and school are cruel and will bully those who look or act differently than everyone else. This problem is because kids mimic what they hear and see before they have the cognitive ability to reason or fully understand right from wrong. Those subject to ridicule and bullying can be traumatized, nervous all the time, experience low self-esteem, or suffer from depression. Parents would rather the child get a surgery than go through those experiences.

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Two Types of Otoplasty

The more complicated otoplasty, or ear surgery, is ear reshaping. This is completed under general anesthesia for children of the age twelve and under. Since each side will take an hour or two, it is safer and more comfortable for the child. A consultation with the surgeon begins the process. That will take an hour.

The Actual Surgery

An incision is made at the back of the ear and the cartilage is removed. It is skillfully reshaped by the surgeon with state-of-the-art equipment. Once finished, the cartilage is put back and the incision is closed. A follow up is scheduled in one week. Full recovery will take up to six weeks.

Parents will have to monitor behavior closely to prevent children from scratching the area. It is a normal inclination since it will itch as it heals, but that increases the risks of infection and scarring. Expect some swelling and bruising.

An Ear Setback

This procedure takes one to two hours in total and requires a few hours of recovery time. It is not effective for major reshaping, but works well to correct severely protruding ears. The surgeon will provide more information at the time of consultation. An initial consultation can be scheduled online when patients or parents visit Plassurg.co.nz.

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